Our Terms & conditions

Shatabdi Aviation is committed to eliminating the hassles and easing the troublesome process of Hajj tours and holiday trips. However, we have introduced a set of terms and conditions for our valued and respected clients whose satisfaction and our dedication are the two cornerstones of our business.

Since we have set these terms and conditions with a lot of attention to the details and conveniences of our clients, we request every visitor who might potentially be one of our clients to read and understand them carefully before finally making a decision to travel with us.

Regarding Medical and Other Facilities:

We do not encourage our clients to equate a Hajj trip to a holiday travel. Typical holidays are addressed with the best of our services from hotel reservations to the safe arrival from the clientsâ?? places. But, on a Hajj season, hotels or other accommodation facilities become too demanding to avail due to the crowd and excessive demands in comparison with the provision. Traffic congestion is another notable issue during a Hajj season. Although we do not expect much delay in making these amenities available for you, we request, with utmost respect and care for your needs, you deal with the situations with all these in mind.

In addition, we do not guarantee that all our clients will return home without major complications because we do not take the responsibility of clients all the year round. So, we request our respected pilgrims if any of them has any previous medical conditions or ailment of any sort, they should obtain a clearance certificate from the proper authority in order to fulfil our booking requirements.

Regarding the Payment:

We usually send a confirmation invoice after you complete the booking process with a 30% deposit. Once we have sent the confirmation invoice; the contract between us and our clients starts. You must pay the remaining balance at least four weeks before your departure. In case you fail, you might have to incur cancellation charges because we hold the right to cancel any booking agreement with a valid reason during the time between the agreement and the departure.

Regarding the Delays:

We do not accept any liability if your flight delays or is cancelled due to any rescheduling, adverse weather conditions, mechanical failure, or temporary decision taken by the airport authority/traffic controller.

However, you may have the scope to claim under your personal travel insurance policy if nothing of the above type happens.

Regarding the Behavior:

We expect everyone we work with, be them our clients or other parties, to be polite, professional, and gentle in their talks and behaviors. We do not accept any responsibility or liability if any of our clients gets fined or evicted from their hotel rooms or accommodation facilities due to rude or unwanted behavior.  

Regarding the Cancellation:

Although cancellation of an agreement is one of the first things we want to avoid, we understand our clients would have special circumstances forcing them to adopt no better alternatives to the cancellation of an agreement. In case of a cancellation undertaken by us, we refund the full deposit without asking the clients to pay for any cancellation charge. In case of a cancellation request made by a client, the cancellation charge is calculated on the following basis.For over three months, the charge will be 25% of the tour cost or the full deposited amount if greater ·
  • For up to three months, the charge will be 50% of the tour cost or the full deposited amount if greater · 
  • For up to two months, the charge will be 75% of the tour cost or the full deposited amount if greater · 
  • For up to one month, the charge will be 100% of the tour cost or the full deposited amount if greater   
  There are more issues to address, so are the conditions we have to implement. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the above conditions and anything that is a valid concern but goes beyond the above ones.

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It is in our core that we do everything to ensure on every occasion that you've the best and genuinely splendid tour experience with us.

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Since we believe our efforts are successful when our customers are happy, each phase of our tour planning is tailored to your need.

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