Booking a plane ticket is a very easy task. Anyone sitting in a traffic jam can book airline tickets on mobile. Easily booking a ticket is a bit cheaper than usual but not an easy task! There are some strategies to do this. In this post, I will tell you some strategies.

Advance booking

The oldest and most effective way to book a cheap ticket is to book a ticket in advance. Ticket prices are likely to increase as the travel dates get closer. So collect tickets in advance as much as possible. Try to book a ticket at least 30 days before the travel date. As a result of the increase in passenger pressure, you do not have to calculate the extra fare imposed by the airline authorities.

Avoid weekends

Thursday, Friday and Saturday for travel – these times are the busiest days. These days there is a lot of pressure to travel to official work. So for those who are interested in booking tickets for travel, not for work, it is more profitable to collect tickets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ticket prices are the lowest during this week. On the other hand, morning and afternoon ticket prices are lower than morning and evening tickets. So, depending on which day of the week and time of day you travel, the fare of the aircraft may vary. Therefore, be sure to check the cost of that airline ticket when scheduling a travel day.

Search for offers

Nowadays, airlines often offer different types of pricing, cash-back, etc. You can enjoy such a discount if you are a credit/debit card user of a certain bank or a subscriber of a particular mobile company or a member of a particular club. So before booking a ticket, find out if there are any such offers, matching any offers with you. You can monitor Facebook, Twitter, Airlines websites and online travel companies to find out about such offers.

Buy discounted tickets

When you are absolutely convinced that your travel dates are no longer likely to change, you should buy a non-refundable ticket. Because the price of the non-refundable ticket is lower than the refundable ticket. If you are sure about the travel dates, you do not get any special benefits if you buy a refundable ticket at an extra cost. So saving money will be the right decision for you.





Buy round trip tickets

A round trip ticket means a ticket for departure and return. You can save some money by buying both incoming tickets from the same company at the same time. Buying tickets online is becoming very popular nowadays. Buying a round trip ticket from the same website assumes that you will get a special discount.

Frequent flyer program

Nowadays many airlines have launched special programs for their regular passengers. Travelers under this program will earn points in their name whenever they travel. Using these points, passengers can get a discount on ticket prices or free tickets if they have more points. So if you travel abroad regularly, travel to any of the airlines and join their Frequent Flyer program.

Leave Luxury Airlines

Airlines are for two types of people. One – those who do not pay money. Just loves luxury. Two – who are looking to reduce travel costs by not looking at luxury. If you are second-class and have a focus on traveling more than luxury, opt for cheap airlines. This will allow you to save some money for your next trip by traveling at a lower cost.