If you are new to air travel, you must first know what check-in is? Check-in is the process by which a passenger confirms his / her presence on a particular flight. Many airlines confirm more about passengers during this check-in process. For example, what the passenger will eat, the amount of baggage with the passenger, the passenger is willing to sit in a seat, etc. Whether you are traveling for business or entertaining – online check-in will save you a lot of time by waiting in line at the airport. It is a matter of fact that at the airport you have to get up to speed to check the flight. There are always huge lines at check-in. If you do not want to leave the house for 4 hours before catching a flight, book a check-in online. It can take up to 10 minutes for you to check-in online.

Where to check-in online?

In the menu of most airlines’ websites, you will find the tab called ‘Web Check-In’ or ‘Check In’. If you can’t find the tab, login to your account on the airline’s website and enter your booking details. Here you will certainly find online check-in options.

How long before the flight can you check-in?

Typically, check-in options are available on the website 24 to 48 hours before your travel start. Check-in time for different airlines can vary. So be sure to read the check-in guidelines on your airline’s website.

What do you need?

You must specify which city you are moving from to check-in online. You need to specify your email id and booking id. Usually, the booking ID is specified in the booking confirmation mail. If you have not received the booking confirmation mail or have lost it, call the airline customer service number.

Why check-in online?

If you are a domestic traveler after checking online, the airline’s website will give you an e-boarding pass. If you are an international traveler you will be given a confirmation slip. In return, you will receive a boarding pass from the airport. Printed e-boarding passes will relieve you of the hassle of standing in the long lines of the airport. Modern airlines will also give you the option of choosing a seat and choosing a meal when you check-in online.

What if you forget to print a boarding pass?

If you’ve forgotten to print your boarding pass, don’t worry. Modern airports have a machine called kiosk from which you can print boarding passes. If that is not possible, just show your ID and booking confirmation at the airline counter, you will be given a boarding pass. Most airlines have separate counters for travelers who check-in online, usually with short lines.

Is online check-in possible for family or group travel?

Yes, online check-in is also possible for family or group travel. Usually, airlines have up to 9 passengers per booking booked online.

What will happen to baggage when you check-in online?

If you only have your carry-on bag, you can go straight to the security check. But if you have extra luggage with you, you need to go to the airline counter. Most airlines have separate baggage drop counters for travelers who check-in online.

Should you arrive at the airport when you check-in online?

Even though your boarding time is greatly reduced by checking in online, it is wise to arrive at the airport early. At least 45 minutes to travel within the country and 90 minutes before an international flight.