Top 10 tourist place in Bangladesh

May 16, 2018 Shakil Al Mahfuz 0 comments

Sundarbans: The largest mangrove forest in the world is waiting for your presence.  Meet the royal Bengal tiger and greet with around 120 kinds of birds and see nature at its best.

Rangamati: If you want to see the world from a new perspective then you should go to Rangamati. The flow of Red Mountain will instantly take your breath away.

Chittagong Hill: This is a naturally gifted place filled with hills. Enjoy the curvy mountain and the pristine water during monsoon when you come to Chittagong hill tracks.

Srimangal: Originally known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, Srimangal is naturally gifted and the hospitality you get from the local people is incomparable to anything else.

Paharpur: This is the ancient city of Bangladesh. A city lost under the thousand years of civilization. Go to paharpur to find your true roots and explore the civilization that was once lost.

Saint Martin’s Island: If you want to hear the roar of the ocean while sitting on a calm beach, you should go to Saint Martin’s island. It’s like a whole new world out there.

Gaur: Ancient ruin, mosque that dates back to the 12th century is waiting to welcome you. This is a magnificent creation of ancient architecture that you need to see with your eyes.

Sylhet: This is probably the most pristine area of Bangladesh. Enjoy scenic beauty of mountains, lakes and tea garden all at the same place.

Cox’s Bazaar: Welcome to the world’s largest sea beach. One of the trade mark tourist attraction of Bangladesh. Cox’s bazaar is beyond words, you need to be there witness it’s might.

Mosque of Bagerhat: One of the UNESCO’s national heritage places, this mosque was the palace for a ruler from the Turkish region. You will also get to see his grave as well.

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