Top 10 tourist place in Asia

May 16, 2018 Shakil Al Mahfuz 0 comments

No matter how hard you try to deny it, Asia is the origin of colors and life. People are humble and life is simply in the regime of Asia. God has gifted Asia with the gift of nature and the beauty cannot be matched. With every part of Asia there is something exotic waiting for you to be discovered. The traditional heritage, the complex cuisine, the smell of herbs, these will instantly make you a fan of Asia in a heartbeat. So, we have picked the top 10 tourist place in Asia for you.

Bali: Bail is the most beautiful beach in the world, period. The place is surrounded with ancient temples, wonderfully vivid shore and high ended luxury hotels. SO, if you are looking for a quality trip near the sea then there is no better option than Bali.

Shanghai: Enjoy a busy life with cloud touching skyscrapers. You will feel like you are in a futuristic city with tons of colors floating here and there. Enjoy seeing the other side of this traditionally developed region.

Phuket: The Sea is the combination of blue and green in a perfect harmony. All you want to do is stare at the water. It is a tropical paradise with affordable accommodation facility. A perfectly visited place for all those happy couples out there.

Singapore: If you want to experience each and every flavors of Asia then there is no better place than Singapore. It has luxury 5 star meals and simple street food that will blast your taste buds with flavors.

Tokyo: One of the largest mega cities in the world, Tokyo is no joke. Life here is fast and with a splash of color every here and there. You will enjoy skyscrapers, arts, music and magic in the streets of Tokyo.

Hanoi: Thousand years old traditions still lives in the veins of Hanoi. If tradition is not enough then the architectural beauty and the wonderful scenario of the ocean is sure to steal your heart.

Seoul: The capital of ever developing South Korea is no joke. The streets are busy, the people are humble and the culture is vividly wild. You will see the fusion between trend and tradition in one wonderfully harmonic balance.

Hong Kong:  All the flavors of china are in this one package. From exotic dishes to mind blowing museums, from speed defying super train to calm river bank, from small cottages to cloud slicing skyscrapers, Hong Kong has it all.

Kyoto: The majestic nature of Kyoto cannot be matched by any other place in the world. You will feel weak to your knees and thank god for this wonder present of nature. This is a serene place for art and nature.

Bangkok: If you want your destinations to never stop surprising you then Bangkok is the place for you. The mind blowing temples, the exquisite cuisines and the fantastic weather open your mind into new kinds of experiences.

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