Regular air travel may introduce you to some new strategies. I have tried to learn some strategies from regular airlines passengers. If the experience of air travel is minimal or not at all, then here are these 7 simple tricks for you.

Check-in online

It’s a little bit of time hassling to do the check-in at the airport. Better do check-in online before a flight at home. There are always huge lines at check-in. If you do not want to be out of the house for 4 hours before catching a flight, check-in online. It should not take more than 10 minutes to check-in online.

Measure the weight before getting out of the bag

Each airline has its own set of rules regarding the weight of the luggage. Most airlines allowed to carry 33 kg baggage with a carry-on bag. If you are comfortable with bag clearance, first know your airline’s policy. Then measure the weight of your bag to make sure you are in the weight policy. If the policy goes out, you will either have to pay a surcharge for extra weight or leave some things behind.


Stay away from airplane food

Airplane food is expensive. So with a little preparation, it is possible to save some money on food. Keep dried foods like chocolate, chips, and cookies. Airplane food is expensive, but not all airline foods can be good. It is much better to eat chocolate-chips than buy cheap airline snack foods at high prices.

Put the pocket item on the carry-on

Before the security check, take everything out of your pocket and place it in the carry-on bag. This will make your security check very quickly and will benefit the rest of the people on the line

Take a picture of the parking space

Airport parking is usually huge. It’s natural to forget where you parked. Finding a car in such a large parking lot is an added annoyance. So after parking the car, take a picture on a mobile. This will facilitate finding a car.

Pick up the seat

When booking a plane ticket in advance, you can book your preferred seat from the numerous empty seats. Try to book a ticket online and pick up a seat when you hear it. Try to book the front row seat next to the window. The advantage of sitting in the first row is that there is a lot of foot space available. Stay away from the toilet seat.


Family room in the airport lounge

If you are planning to fly a family with children, you can access the airport lounge. It may be expensive to spend in the lounge alone. However, if you enter the lounge with your family, it is possible to recover the money. The lounge has many amenities such as breakfast, entertainment, TV, Wi-Fi.


By following these strategies you can make your trip comfortable. If you use the right strategy, you can enjoy first-class travel at the expense of the economy class.